Version Control for Game Development


Version Control for Games

Alienbrain is the perfect version control tool for artists within the games industry. It has a simple intuitive workflow and effortlessy handles the large images, models and videos required for game development and AAA game productions. Preview capabilities are available for hundreds of file types, and integrations with the leading game development tools ensure seamless workflow.

Version Control for Unreal

Version Control for Gamedev

Integrated into Artist and Developer Creation Tools

Alienbrain includes plug-ins for leading 3D and 2D art tools so artists can use the great features of Alienbrain without leaving their favorite applications.

Using other tools? That's fine - Alienbrain works alongside any creation tool and with any file type. The integrations listed above simply take that to the next level.

Seamless Workflow

Game artists can benefit from Alienbrain version control directly inside popular creation tools. Files are automatically checked out, checked in, and versions created, all without switching applications.


Integrated with leading creation tools - Unreal Integration

Source Control for Games