Version Control for Game Developers


Customization and APIs

With complex products come complex pipelines. By leveraging Alienbrain's range of API's, event triggers, and command line interface, tool architects can integrate Alienbrain into the production process - making team members more efficient than ever.


Command line access to your projects for build or pipeline

Make your pipeline work for you

Alienbrain is completely customizable, and ships with fully documented APIs and sample code for Jscript, MEL, maxscript, C++ and Microsoft .NET, as well as a host of other customization tools.

  • Custom Metadata : You can assign custom metadata to every file in the Alienbrain repository to help filter files, manage file variants, generate custom reports, and so on. Each branch in the file tree can have custom metadata, or inherit metadata from its parent branch.

  • Triggers & Events : Alienbrain supports client-side triggers and events. On the client, events are generated before and after each operation, and can be caught to change the standard behavior.

  • Command Line Tool : Available on all supported platforms of the cross-platform client, the command-line tool offers advanced users a powerful way of automating tasks and batch processing.

Software Configuration Management

Alienbrain's simplified UI belies the extensive configuration management feature-set under the hood. With industry standard branching and merging, and an integration with all recent Visual Studio versions, Alienbrain has something for the coders as well as the artists.


Fully featured for code as well as art

Branching and Merging

Alienbrain offers a complete set of software configuration management features that make it the tool of choice for games programmers.

  • Release Labels : Labels allow you to assign names to folders or files at a specific point in time, making it easy to go back later and recreate an exact asset configuration.

  • Change Sets : Change sets group changes made to individual files into a logical entity that can be used throughout the project lifecycle. Change sets allow you to make changes locally and defer the server-side execution until the entire set of changes is completed.

  • Parallel Development and Branching : Using Alienbrain, developers can work in parallel on projects or modules and perform simultaneous changes — even to the same file. They can also work on different branches to make controlled changes to a released version of a product while continuing development in the main line. In both cases, Alienbrain tracks the changes to individual files and allows them to integrate their changes easily.